Til onsdag skal neste nummer ut av den satiriske ukeavisen ut. Franske medier går sammen om å støtte utgivelsen økonomisk og 250.000 euro er allerede blitt øremerket av Digital Press Fund, betalt av Google.

Le Monde, France Télévisions og Radio France arbeider med en plan for å gi tilsvarende beløp.

Ludovic Blecher, the director of Google IPWA Fund for Digital Innovation, told the Guardian that many diverse, largely uncoordinated efforts were being made to support the left-leaning weekly following the attack. “We are a fund for the press. We must enable them to be able to write, even if we don’t agree, it’s a question of diversity of speech.”

He added: “The fund is trying to figure out a way to provide a financial support to Charlie Hebdo. We’re working on a process in order to find an exceptional answer to an exceptional situation. The role of the fund is to help the press. We’re playing our role. But we are still working on the technical process.”

Richard Malka, the magazine’s lawyer, told Les Echos that the remaining staff aim to print 1m copies of the satirical weekly, which has a typical print run of 60,000.

The Guardian