Den nye lederen av Pakistans Taliban, mullah Fazlullah skal være så ekstrem at flere andre fraksjoner marsjerte ut i protest da han ble valgt.

Den forrige lederen, Hakimullah Mehsud, ble drept i et droneangrep i Pakistan for snaut to uker siden.

Fazlullah befinner seg i Afghanistan og tør ikke vende hjem p.g.a dronefaren.

Pakistani newspaper The News International reported on Thursday that Khalid Haqqani is expected to be the «functional head» of the Pakistani Taliban as Mullah Fazlullah, the group’s new leader, remains in Afghanistan (Dawn).  Fazlullah was elected by the group’s members last Thursday, a little less than a week after Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal regions.  Haqqani used to lead his own militant faction known as the Haqqani Taliban, and is «touted to be a hardliner and a ruthless commander.»  According to the report, Fazlullah wants to return to Pakistan, but was advised against it due to the high number of drone strikes.


The news of Haqqani’s leadership came as Reuters noted that Mehsud’s death has exposed longstanding rivalries within the Taliban, «making the insurgency ever more unpredictable and probably more violent» (Reuters).  Citing an unidentified Taliban commander, Reuters says that several leaders left the shura council meeting when Fazlullah’s name was announced, claiming: «The Taliban’s command is doomed.»  The report also notes that Fazlullah’s threat against Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous and prosperous province, has unnerved many, including several other militant groups and the Pakistani military establishment.  For its part, the Taliban has publicly denied that there are any rifts between the group’s different factions and tribes.

Men vel så interessant er nyheten om at Haqqani-nettverkets sjefkasserer ble skutt ned på åpen gate i Islamabad. Han skal ha levd åpent i byen, med flere luksushus, og det kan han ikke ha gjort uten at myndighetene var klar over det.

At han levde i hovedstaden sammenlignes med at Osama bin Laden levde halvannen kilometer fra Pakistans militærakademi i Abottabad.

Pakistan faller sammen fra innsiden.

Several days after Dr. Nasiruddin Haqqani, a son of Haqqani network founder Jalaludin Haqqani and the organization’s chief financier, was gunned down outside a bakery in Islamabad, many are starting to question how he was able to live so openly in the Pakistani capital (RFE/RL).  While some have drawn comparisons to Osama bin Laden, who hid in a safe house in Abbottabad, Haqqani seemed to be living a more luxurious life with several homes in the city.  According to Mehmood Shah, a retired Army Brigadier General, Pakistan’s security forces assumed the Haqqani network was only operating in North Waziristan so the main question is, «What was he doing in Islamabad?»  Adding to the mystery surrounding Haqqani’s life and death in Islamabad is the fact that several eyewitnesses are reporting that local police officials washed down the area when Haqqani was killed and that his body was taken away in their presence (BBC).

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