Kamper er brutt ut internt mellom grupper som tilhører Taliban og al-Qaida i Nord-Waziristan. Kampene begynte sist søndag, minst 50 er drept. The Hindu

More than 50 rebels have been killed in clashes that erupted on Sunday near the Afghan border in North Waziristan, one of seven districts controlled by al—Qaeda—linked militants.

A security official told dpa that the Khan Sajna group and followers of slain Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud were fighting for control of Shawal and Dattakhel areas of the district.

He said it was not clear which groups had suffered more deaths.

Rebel sources also confirmed the clashes. “Senior Taliban leaders from other groups are trying for peace between the fighting Mujahideen,” a Taliban commander told dpa.

The emnity arose as a result of a power vacuum following the death of Mehsud in a suspected US drone attack last year.

Separately, a commander within the Haqqani network — an Islamist insurgent group active on both sides of the Afghanistan—Pakistan border — was killed alongside two others when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Datta Khel.