Guardians Hongkong-korr. Ewen MacAskill forteller hvordan Snowden tok kontakt med Glenn Greenwald.

Interessant nok: Snowden stolte ikke på New York Times, av Three Days for Condor-fame, etter nyheten om at avisen satt på storyen om ulovlig avlytting før valget i 2004, uten å gjøre noe.


For an American, the traditional home for the kind of story Snowden was planning to reveal would have been the New York Times. But during extensive interviews last week with a Guardian team, he recalled how dismayed he had been to discover the Times had a great scoop in election year 2004 – that the Bush administration, post 9/11, allowed the NSA to snoop on US citizens without warrants – but had sat on it for a year before publishing.