Det finnes ikke noe mer alvorlig enn været. Likevel lever menneskene som om det er vi som bestemmer. Meldingene sier at klimaforandringene kommer raskere enn antatt. Vi later som om det er tid nok. Det er det ikke.

Det blir mer «freak weather»:

The kind of extreme weather that happened once in 100 years, they say, could soon take place every 20 years.

Last week the European environment agency produced evidence that Europe was warming faster than expected and that the number of natural disasters had more than doubled in the past decade. Last year’s pan-European drought cost 20,000 lives and billions of euros and the later floods affected at least 600,000. The agency, which said that most European glaciers were in fast retreat, warned people to expect more flash floods, mudslides, storms and droughts.

But the most unusual weather event in 2004 could have been the 90mph hurricane that hit Catarina in southern Brazil in March. Hurricanes have never been recorded in the southern Atlantic, because the atmosphere does not provide enough «spin» near the surface to get them started and winds higher in the atmosphere tend to shear off any that threaten to form.

Whether it was a true freak of nature or what we can expect with global warming is hotly debated. Climate change scientists in Britain have predicted for some time that such unprecedented events in the south Atlantic would one day be a possibility. But few believed it would happen so soon.

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