Mark Thompson var generaldirektør for BBC da Newsnight-programmet om Jimmy Saviles sexovergrep ble stanset. Han skal om kort tid overta som ny CEO for New York Times. Men hans navn er ved å bli en belastning.

Først sa Thompson at han ikke hadde hørt om ryktene. En måned senere snudde han og sa han hadde hørt det dreide seg om sex-overgrep.


Mr Thompson claimed earlier this month that he had «never heard any allegations» about Savile during his time at the corporation.

He later admitted that he had «formed the impression it [the Newsnight investigation] was about sex abuse».

Dette har fått en av avisens egne spaltister til å stille spørsmål ved om Thompson er rette mann for jobben. Han har vist manglende dømmekraft. Er det en slik person NYTimes trenger?


Joe Nocera, who has been a columnist at the New York Times since 2005 and was previously an executive editor at Forbes, said in the article: «Given the seriousness of sexual abuse allegations… you would think that Thompson and his underlings would immediately want to get to the bottom of it.

«But again, they did nothing. Thompson winds up appearing wilfully ignorant, and it makes you wonder what kind of an organization the BBC was when Mr Thompson was running it – and what kind of leader he was. It also makes you wonder what kind of a chief executive he’d be at The Times.

«For the sake of Times employees – not to mention readers who want to see a vibrant New York Times Company – let’s hope his [Arthur Sulzberger Jr’s, the company’s chairman] faith in Thompson is warranted.

«Otherwise the BBC won’t be the only organization being asked tough questions about his judgement.»

Last week Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times’s public editor, questioned Mr Thompson’s claim that he was not formally notified about the Newsnight investigation.