Republikanske Newt Gingrich og Louis Farrakhan er kritiske til president Obama, men fra ganske forskjellige utgangspunkt.

“Until you replace this president and until you have the Congress and the new president replace large parts of our bureaucracies, we’re going to continue to be dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite, which is seeking to impose on us rules that make zero sense,” Gingrich said, referring to a number of disparate cases in which federal, state and local governments and courts have addressed Muslim sensibilities.

Separately, Louis Farrakhan, who backed Obama’s candidacy in 2008, called him the “first Jewish president” and said powerful Jews were behind his election.

“He was selected before he was elected,” the Nation of Islam leader, addressing a conference March 25 at Jackson State University in Mississippi, was quoted by the Associated Press as saying. “And the people that selected him were rich, powerful members of the Jewish community.”

Obama in 2008 rejected Farrakhan’s endorsement

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