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The organizers of the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography are furious against the international photo agency Associated Press (AP) for their refusal to exhibit photographs from Gaza which the agency owns and has rights to. The organizers have therefore decided to ignore AP and display the photos anyway.

The photographer and artistic director of the Nordic Light festival Morten Krogvold does not believe the issue will have judicial implications.

– It would be quite sensational from a freedom of expression viewpoint. This would have to be the greatest censorship since the nazi era. They would not dare to do so, and if they have something to hide they should come forward with it.

The Nordic Light leader Anne Lise Flavik believes that «the Israel-friendly owners of AP have decided to stop this».

AP reacts with disbelief and regret on Nordic Light’s decision to display the agency’s photos without permission:

In a press release, Associated Press says they strongly regret and are surprised that Nordic Light has decided to display their Gaza photos without permission. – We do not do censorship, but the person behind the exhibition is using AP’s photos to promote his own conviction. This is why we have ended the cooperation with him, AP’s Odd R. Andersen said to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) a week ago.

AP believes accusing them of censorship is unreasonable. – It is AP and our photo journalists who have produced and published these photos all over the world, and often at great risk for their own lives. Our photos speak for themselves, AP states in the press release.

NRK says they would «usually be reluctant to use many of these photographs in the daily news coverage», but they have decided to publish AP’s photos on the net to show what the discussion is about.

NRK: The photos Nordic Light cannot show.

Største sensur siden nazi-tiden eller bare Israellobbyen igjen?

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