Selvmordsbomberne som detonerte utenfor finansdepartementet i Bagdad sist uke kunne passere sikkerhetskontrollene fordi vaktene var bestukket med 10.000 dollar. Det forteller en tidligere politimann i en tilståelse som ble sendt på TV.

Over 100 mennesker ble drept da en lastebil med to tonn sprengstoff detonerte. Tre minutter senere eksploderte bombe nummer to.

A video showed the man calmly admitting to orchestrating the truck bomb that hit the finance ministry in the Iraqi capital on Wednesday. He said he was acting under instructions from an official in Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party operating out of Syria.

In a claim that will send panic through much of the country, he claimed that police check-points on the route the truck took had all been bought off with a $10,000 bribe.

«I received a call a month ago from my boss in the party, Sattam Farhan in Syria, to do an operation to destabilise the regime,» said the man, who identified himself as Wisam Ali Khazim Ibrahim and said he had previously been a senior police officer in Diyala province, north of Baghdad.

«He said that if you can’t do it, we have other factions that can.»

He said he had sent a man to pick up the truck bomb and drive it 50 miles from the town of Khalis to the finance ministry, where more than 30 people died in the bombings.

Police said every officer manning checkpoints on the route to the city centre had since been arrested.

Saddam Hussein ally confesses to deadly Baghdad bombing, Iraqi authorities say