Regningen for begge Irak-kriger og Afghanistan er stor i form av mentale skader på soldatene. Så mange som 20 prosent av alle som har vært ute kan lide av posttraumatisk stress syndrome eller tilsvarende, viser en ny studie utført av Rand Corporation.

The researchers said 18.5 percent of current and former service members contacted in a recent survey reported symptoms of depression or post-traumatic stress. Based on Pentagon data that more than 1.6 million have deployed to the two wars, the researchers calculated that about 300,000 are suffering mental health problems.

Nineteen percent — or an estimated 320,000 — may have suffered head injuries, the study calculated. Those range from mild concussions to severe, penetrating head wounds.

«There is a major health crisis facing those men and women who have served our nation in Iraq and Afghanistan,» said Terri Tanielian, the project’s co-leader and a researcher at Rand. «Unless they receive appropriate and effective care for these mental health conditions, there will be long-term consequences for them and for the nation.»

Nearly 1 in 5 troops has mental problems after war service