Saudi-Arabia og Tyrkia har nektet Iran å bruke deres luftrom for å fly nødforsyninger til Libanon. Iran er rasende.

Nye tegn på splittelsen mellom shia og «moderat» sunni.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have stopped Iran using their air space to send humanitarian relief to Lebanon, media in Iran have said.
Iran’s health ministry has been collecting supplies to send to the Lebanese people, the reports said.

But the goods had to be sent via Dubai to Syria because of objections by other countries in the region.

This may fuel Iranian anger against nations they feel have not done enough to support Hezbollah against Israel.


Iran’s Labour news agency quotes the head of the country’s emergency services as complaining that Turkish officials prevented Iran from using their air space for humanitarian aid destined for Lebanon.
Another news agency quotes the security chief of Iran’s health ministry as saying both Turkey and Saudi Arabia had prevented Iran from using their air space for three plane-loads of medicine.

Iran has already complained bitterly about Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf states which it says have caused divisions in the Muslim world and failed to do enough to support Hezbollah.

Daily newspaper editorials bemoan what they call the passivity of Arab leaders.

The speaker of the Iranian parliament recently called on Arab people in those countries to rise up against their governments. (bbc)

Det er ikke bare Ahmadinejad som uttaler seg ekstremt om Israel.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s spiritual leader and the country’s most powerful figure, said in a speech on Sunday that Israeli strikes in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories proved how «the presence of Zionists in the region is a satanic and cancerous presence and an infected tumor for the entire world of Islam.»

As President Bush and other world leaders struggled at a summit meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, to devise a plan to stop Hezbollah, Ayatollah Khamenei predicted it would fail. «The American president says Hezbollah should be disarmed,» he said in remarks carried on television, «but it will not happen.»

Even Iran’s former president, Mohammad Khatami, who used his eight-year presidency to try to moderate Iran’s foreign policy, likened Hezbollah to «a shining sun that illuminates and warms the hearts of all Muslims and supporters of freedom in the world.»

In a letter to Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, on Sunday, Mr. Khatami, who heads the Institute for Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures here, called the «Zionists’ shocking atrocities in Palestine and Lebanon» a sign of «their violent nature.»

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