Ulovlige innvandrere bemanner sykehjem i England og Wales og myndighetene gjør få eller ingen forsøk på å avsløre dem. Man aner ingenting om deres bakgrunn og det har allerede skjedd overgrep. Folk kan miste tilliten til omsorgssektoren.

Det er en to år gammel etterretningsrapport som sier dette. Den er lekket i frustrasjon over nye nedskjæringer.

Ren bekvemmelighet ser ut til å styre myndighetenes passivitet. Personalmangel og trange budsjetter går foran de gamles trygghet.

n some homes more than half the employees have entered the country illegally and are now being entrusted with caring for old and vulnerable people. The immigration intelligence report found that one illegal worker was a murder suspect from the Philippines and others had been involved in the «abuse and mistreatment» of elderly people.

The report, which was produced more than two years ago, warned that the problems were «widespread» and «significant». But officials say its findings have been ignored.

«Very few of these cases are acted on,» one official said. «Ministers have turned a blind eye in the obscene interests of costs. These cases are not seen as a priority and most of them simply go to the bottom of the pile.»

The leak follows the fiasco last year when Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, admitted that more than 11,000 illegal immigrants had been cleared to work as security guards. It also comes as Gordon Brown prepares to launch his flagship UK Border Agency, which is designed to bolster the country’s protection from illegal immigrants, terrorists and other criminals.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: «The Home Office is turning a blind eye and allowing some of the most vulnerable people to be put in the care of people who by definition cannot have a criminal records check.»

Offenders are rarely brought to court because of a lack of resources. «There is no deterrent factor for those involved in these activities,» the report states.

One of the few prosecutions was a case in Nottingham in 2001 when an illegal immigrant was jailed for raping a woman in his care. The woman could not speak and had the mental ability of a three-year-old.

The report, which has been leaked by Whitehall officials exasperated that little has been done about the problem, reveals:

— that 58 of 113 employees of a firm running two homes in Hampshire and Wiltshire were suspected illegal offenders;

— that 36 of 58 people at a Southampton care agency were working illegally, mostly using fake identity papers;

— and that 22 of 55 foreign nationals who applied for employment through a Salisbury agency were immigration offenders

The document says the proliferation of untrained and unqualified illegal migrants, many with unknown backgrounds, poses a direct risk to some of the estimated 480,000 elderly and vulnerable people in the 21,000 care homes in England and Wales.

It states: «The severity of the reported incidents varies, ranging from care workers not being suitably qualified, to the abuse of clients within their care.

If this is allowed to continue without action all have the potential to be damaging to the public and media perception of the immigration service.»

Det har vært påstått at myndighetene har mistet oversikten over og kontrollen med innvandringen. Rapporten tyder på at myndighetene med viten og vilje overlater de gamle til innvandrere som de ikke aner noenting om.

Home Office in illegal immigrants cover-up