Det mystiske målet i Syria som Israel bombet 6. september var et anlegg for fremstilling av atombomber med plutonium fra Nord-Korea, sier en av veteranene bak det israelske atomprogrammet, Uzi Even, ved Tel Aviv University

«I suspect that it was a plant for processing plutonium, namely, a factory for assembling the bomb,» he said. «I think the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] transferred to Syria weapons-grade plutonium in raw form, that is nuggets of easily transported metal in protective cans. I think the shaping and casting of the plutonium was supposed to be in Syria.»

Spekulasjoner har gått ut på at bombemålet var en atomreaktor, men Even tror det er feil.

But Even said that purely from scientific observation, he had reached a different conclusion – that it was a nuclear bomb factory, posing a more immediate danger to Israel. He said that satellite photos of the site, taken before the Israeli strike on September 6, showed no sign of the cooling towers and chimneys characteristic of nuclear reactors.

Syria’s haste after the attack to bury the site under tons of soil suggested that hundreds of square yards were contaminated and there were fears of radiation, the professor added.

Since then the Syrians have sealed up the location, levelled the site and diverted curious journalists to a place that had not been attacked by Israel.

Israelis hit Syrian ‘nuclear bomb plant’