En video tatt innenfra reaktoren nordkoreanerne bygget i Syria, overbeviste amerikanerne om at noe alvorlig var i gjære. Den var akkurat maken til plutoniumsreaktoren i Yongbyon.

Filmen vil bli vist på den lukkende presentasjonen som CIA-sjef Michael Haydon holder for utvalgte Kongressmedlemmer torsdag.

A video taken inside a secret Syrian facility last summer convinced the Israeli government and the Bush administration that North Korea was helping to construct a reactor similar to one that produces plutonium for North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, according to senior U.S. officials who said it would be shared with lawmakers today.

The officials said the video of the remote site, code-named Al Kibar by the Syrians, shows North Koreans inside. It played a pivotal role in Israel’s decision to bomb the facility late at night last Sept. 6, a move that was publicly denounced by Damascus but not by Washington.

Sources familiar with the video say it also shows that the Syrian reactor core’s design is the same as that of the North Korean reactor at Yongbyon, including a virtually identical configuration and number of holes for fuel rods. It shows «remarkable resemblances inside and out to Yongbyon,» a U.S. intelligence official said. A nuclear weapons specialist called the video «very, very damning.»

N. Koreans Taped At Syrian Reactor