Nobelprisvinner og menneskerettsadvokat Shirin Ebadi sier det har skjedd en tilstramming i Iran de siste tre måneder. Arrestasjoner av politiske dissidenter og strenge straffer er blitt vanligere.

Hun uttalte seg på vegne av Defenders of Human Rights Centre, som hun leder. Hennes kompanjong, Abdolfattah Soltani, ble arrestert i juni.

«It must regrettably be said that in the past three months numerous incidents have happened which are obvious examples of violating human rights,» said the quarterly report from Ebadi’s Defenders of Human Rights Centre.
«Students in Arak (central-western Iran), Tehran… have seen their friends being interrogated and jailed despite judicial authorities’ promises that they would not be summoned,» it said.
The report referred to the students Mojtaba Saminejad and Afshin Zareh, who were arrested after making political statements on their Internet blogs.
«Prosecution of activists and journalists in incompetent courts has not stopped and but increased, leading to very long jail sentences in Tehran and Kurdistan,» complained the report.
It quoted the names of activists arrested in Iran’s western Kurdish province, home to a number of ethnic clashes in 2005.
It went on to protest at the situation of Iran’s high profile jailed journalist Akbar Ganji, «who is banned from meeting his family», as well as the prolonged detention of human rights lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani.
«Extending Soltani’s detention despite his lawyers’ protest is a blatant violation of the constitution and the declaration of human rights,» it said.(afp)