Til alle som måtte tro at de fire som sprengte seg selv i lufta 7-7 var ofre for bakmenn, bør tenke over de 16 bombene fulle av spiker som er funnet i den røde bilen parkert utenfor jernbanestasjonen i Luton. Den viser både at bombekampanjen var ment å være omfattende, og så blodig som det går an å bli. Maksimal skade på passasjerene.

Shocking new images have emerged of unexploded bombs, some packed around with nails, which were found in a car left behind by the July 7 London bombers.
In total, 16 bombs were found in the red Nissan car parked at Luton railway station. It is is believed the car was rented in Leeds by Shehzad Tanweer, one of the four bombers who killed themselves and 52 others in a co-ordinated attack on three London Underground trains and a bus earlier this month.

The sheer number of devices has raised fears that the scale of the July 7 bomb plot was much larger than originally imagined.

The presence of nailbombs graphically illustrates that the bombing cell wanted to inflict the maximum possible pain, injury and risk of death on innocent London commuters, security analysts say.

«You see what is bulging on the sides of the bottle are nails. Many, many nails,» said Robert Ayers, a security expert who was shown the pictures by the American ABC News channel last night.

«And the nails are put there so that when the bomb goes off, the nails will tear tissue and kill people in the area. Bombs don’t kill by concussion. Small bombs, they kill by the blast effects of fragments of glass or metal, and this is designed to kill people.»

The deadly nailbombs meant for London commuters