Alle som oppfordrer/krever at USA setter en dato for uttrekning av soldatene, bør tenke over hva som kan komme til å skje. Varslene er tydelige. Her er en av opprørets heroiske bedrifter:

Five Iraqi Shiites buying poultry from farms south of Baghdad for resale in the capital were killed and their bodies found near a river Saturday in the Triangle of Death area, a relative of two of them said.
The men, aged 20 to 45, went missing two days ago after leaving Baghdad in three minibuses to buy poultry in Yussifiyah, said Hashim Abdul Hussein, 32, who lost two of his nephews.
He and other relatives were led to a small river in the lush agricultural area to identify the bodies, which had been found earlier.
«It was a horrible sight,» Abdel Hussein said. «Unbelievable!»
He said they were all shot in the head and their hands tied.(reuters)