Det er utrolig, men dette sa Edward Kennedy i en tale på John Hopkins universitetet idag, der hvor Fouad Ajami er professor. Hvilket signal å sende opprørerne tre tre dager før valget! Bare hold på, så drar vi snart hjem med halen mellom bena.

Top Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy on Thursday called for the withdrawal of at least 12,000 US troops after Iraq’s elections with a goal of a complete pullout next year.
Kennedy, a leading member of the opposition Democratic Party, also likened the situation in Iraq to the 1954-1962 Algerian war for independence from France.
«Iraq could very well be another Algeria, where the French won the military battle for Algiers, but ultimately lost the political battle for Algeria,» Kennedy said in an address at Johns Hopkins University in Washington.
Iraq’s elections are taking place Sunday.
«Once the elections are behind us and the democratic transition is under way, President (George W.) Bush should immediately announce his intention to negotiate a timetable for a drawdown of American combat forces with the new Iraqi government,» the veteran senator said.
«At least 12,000 American troops and probably more should leave at once, to send a stronger signal about our intentions and to ease the pervasive sense of occupation,» Kennedy added, suggesting: «America’s goal should be to complete our military withdrawal as early as possible in 2006.»
«The men and women of our armed forces are serving honorably and with great courage under extreme conditions, but their indefinite presence is fanning the flames of conflict,» Kennedy warned.
Republican National Committee communications chief Brian Jones countered that «it’s remarkable that Senator Kennedy would deliver such an overtly pessimistic message only days before the Iraqi election.»
«Kennedy’s partisan political attack stands in stark contrast to President Bush’s vision of spreading freedom around the world,» Jones added. «The world is watching whether America has the will to stand with the Iraqi people as freedom takes root in their nation, and no democracy has ever risen out of defeatism.» (afp)

Kennedy ville at USA overlater styringen av Irak til FN, som skulle sørge for en ny midlertidig regjering. Dermed slår han bena under valget som er igang. Kennedy tror også at det bare er amerikanske tropper opprørerne bekjemper. Har han ikke fått med seg at opprørne også bekjemper Allawis regjering?

Besides ending its military presence, Kennedy said the United States must stop making political decisions in Iraq and turn over full authority to the United Nations to help Baghdad set up a new government.
He said an international meeting led by the United Nations and Iraq should be convened immediately in Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East to start that process.
«We now have no choice but to make the best we can of the disaster we have created in Iraq,» Kennedy in a speech to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. «The current course is only making the crisis worse.»
He said the indefinite presence of U.S. troops is «fanning the flames of conflict» in what has become «a war against the U.S. occupation.» (reuters)

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