«Prince Harry has provoked uproar over the Nazi swastika he wore to a fancy-dress party. It is indeed more than dismaying that the third in line to the throne has so little awarenesss of the Holocaust and can treat those who committed genocide as a joke. When you put this latest episode together with his unsuitable girlfriend, his drunken forays and his dabbling in drugs, it seems clear that Prince Harry is a young man who is running wild and, if the Royal family doesn’t rein him, seems to be shaping up for big trouble.

That said, I find the outrage being expressed in Britain and Europe quite sickening in its hypocrisy. Anti-Jewish prejudice is rampant; newspaper columnists, MPs and TV presenters chatter about the global Jewish conspiracy; the Jewish state is defamed daily and Israelis compared to Nazis; anti-Israel boycotts are organised by academics; a lionised literary critic calls for Israeli settlers to be shot and writes about the ‘Zionist SS’; and yet all this passes virtually without comment, indeed is even endorsed by a large section of the population, but when silly, spoilt Prince Harry puts on a swastika armband as a joke suddenly everybody starts screaming about Auschwitz and ignoring the suffering of the Jews and gross disrespect to the war dead and so forth.

Which all goes to underline the point that people are very keen to stand up for the Jews as long as they are safely dead and a tragic chapter in history over which to wax indignant. It’s the live Jews they can’t stand.»

Melanie Phillips