Studer Kristofs uttrykksmåte, og sammenlign med norske journalister. Noe er galt når en erfaren journalist som Morten Strand skrev at karnevalstemningen i Kiev minnet ham om en annen karnevalsrevolusjon: 1917!!

In these long winter nights, a headless horseman is roaming Russia’s «near abroad,» threatening independent countries and raising fears of a renewed cold war.

This specter is Vladimir Putin. Let’s hope he finds his head soon.

In traveling around Eastern Europe lately, people keep telling me what a menace Putin is becoming, and they’re right. There are plenty of examples of Putin’s bullying neighboring countries, from Georgia and Estonia to this lovely little Baltic nation of Latvia, but the most egregious example was Putin’s recent plotting to install a new pro-Russian stooge in Ukraine.

The bottom line is that the West has been suckered by Putin. He is not a sober version of Boris Yeltsin. Rather, he’s a Russified Pinochet or Franco. And he is not guiding Russia toward free-market democracy, but into fascism.

In effect, Putin has steered Russia from a dictatorship of the left to a dictatorship of the right (Chinese leaders have done much the same thing). Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, Park Chung Hee and Putin all emerged in societies suffering from economic and political chaos. All consolidated power in part because they established order and made the trains – or planes – run on time.

Nicholas D. Kristof: America, too, needs to stand up to Putin