Et Røde Kors-team som besøkte Guantanamo i juni, har avlevert en rapport hvor det fremgår at fangene utsettes for behandling som i realiteten er tortur.

Psykologer og annet helsepersonelle anklages for å bistså i avhørene, ved å fremskaffe informasjon om fangens sårbarhet og svakheter.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has charged in confidential reports to the United States government that the American military has intentionally used psychological and sometimes physical coercion «tantamount to torture» on prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

The finding that the handling of prisoners detained and interrogated at Guantánamo amounted to torture came after a visit by a Red Cross inspection team that spent most of last June in Guantánamo.

The team of humanitarian workers, which included experienced medical personnel, also asserted that some doctors and other medical workers at Guantánamo were participating in planning for interrogations, in what the report called «a flagrant violation of medical ethics.»

Doctors and medical personnel conveyed information about prisoners’ mental health and vulnerabilities to interrogators, the report said, sometimes directly, but usually through a group called the Behavioral Science Consultation Team, or B.S.C.T. The team, known informally as Biscuit, is composed of psychologists and psychological workers who advise the interrogators, the report said.

US government avviser blankt anklagene.

It was the first time that the Red Cross, which has been conducting visits to Guantánamo since January 2002, asserted in such strong terms that the treatment of detainees, both physical and psychological, amounted to torture. The report said that another confidential report in January 2003, which has never been disclosed, raised questions of whether «psychological torture» was taking place.

NYTimes har fått tak i et resyme av rapporten.

Er vi igang igjen?

Det tydet ikke på anger at Bush forfremmet sin legal counsel, Alberto Gonzales, til ny justisminister. Gonzales var mannen som skrev en betenkning der han mente presidenten sto over Geneve-konvensjonene og kunne tillate skarpe avhør.