Gode nyheter fra Midtøsten: Gadafi går med på å kvitte seg med eventuelle masseødeleggelsesvåpen, som britisk og amerikansk etterretning har mistanke om at han har eller holder på å skaffe seg. Blair kaller avtalen historisk, skriver The Telegraph:

Mr Blair said Libya had admitted that «it had sought to develop weapons of mass destruction capabilities as well as longer-range missiles».
«We, the Americans and our partners are determined to stop the threat of such weapons.»

«The announcement capped a triumphant week for Mr Bush, in which the capture of Saddam Hussein robbed his Democratic rivals of their argument that his war on terrorism had done nothing to make the world safer.»

Utdrag fra Telegraph:

«As a result [of our talks], Libya has now declared its intention to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction completely. It has also agreed to limit the range of Libyan missiles to 300 kilometres.»
This was seen as a significant gesture to Israel because it would mean that Libyan rockets could no longer reach its soil.
Mr Bush called a press conference at the White House minutes after Mr Blair’s announcement.
He hailed Libya’s about-turn as a victory for his policy of pressing rogue states such as North Korea, Iran and Iraq with a mixture of «quiet diplomacy», United Nations resolutions and, when all else failed, «decisive actions».
Mr Bush confirmed that the effort for peace began nine months ago when Col Gaddafi’s envoys made contact. He said he did not need to add that at the time coalition forces were poised to invade Iraq.
Mr Bush hinted that tough sanctions on Libya would be scrapped if Tripoli kept its promises, pledging that Libya’s «good faith will be returned».
He urged other world leaders to hear the message that, after September 11, America would show «resolve» in opposing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
«The United States and our allies have sent an unmistakable message to regimes that would seek or possess weapons of mass destruction. Those weapons do not bring influence or prestige. They bring isolation and unwelcome consequences.» Mr Bush said that another message should be equally clear.