Erkebispen av Los Angels José Gomez, sier det er en antikristelig stemning i USA som truer USAs sjel. Beklageligvis er det ledere som ikke vil vite noe av kristendommen, sier Gomez.

“Sadly, some of our leaders seem to want to close our society off from Christian ideas and values,” Archbishop Gomez said in an online keynote address to Catholic advocates gathered at the Minnesota state capitol.

Gomez sa det er en merkbar antipati som gjør at kristne synspunkt blir sensurert på sosiale medier.

“I am troubled by the growing censorship of Christian viewpoints on the internet and social media and the marginalization of believers in other areas of our public discourse,” the archbishop said. “These trends and directions in our society amount to a rejection of America’s founding principles, and the consequences are not healthy for our society.”

“America’s founders were wise; they understood the realities of human weakness and sin,” he continued. “The democracy they built depends on the virtue and morality of citizens.”

“The founders presumed that our public morality would be grounded in individual religious beliefs and practice,” he said. “And they knew that without solid religious and moral foundations, America’s commitments to human equality and freedom could not be sustained.”

Det er dette moralske grunnlaget som USA er i ferd med å miste. I stedet er rommet overtatt av politisk aktivisme.

The archbishop’s words addressed a growing effort to silence Christians by labeling them as “white supremacists,” “Christian nationalists,” “theocrats,” and “religious extremists” — simply for embracing a biblical worldview.

They also followed on a worrisome trend in Big Tech and elsewhere to stifle the Christian viewpoint on marriage, the right to life, religious freedom, and gender.

The loss of religious faith both in its private and public dimensions does not bode well for the future of Western society, the archbishop warned.

Los Angeles Archbishop Decries ‘Growing Censorship of Christian Viewpoints’ 

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