FN får sterk kritiikk etter å ha delt koordinatene for sykehus i Idlib-provinsen og Øst-Ghouta med russerne, for at de ikke skulle bli bombet. I stedet bombet russerne sykehusene.

Spørsmålet er hvordan FN kunne unngå å være føre var. Russerne har bombet sykehus målbevisst siden de grep inn i krigen på Assads side. Det samme gjør Assad. Det er slik de fører krigen.

The United Nations has come under fire for sharing the coordinates of hospitals in rebel-held areas of Syria with Russia, only for one of them to be bombed days later.

The organisation gave the GPS locations supplied by NGOs operating in Idlib and Eastern Ghouta to Russia and the US as part of a new “notification system”.

One of the hospitals whose details were shared with the UN on March 12 – in the Arbin neighbourhood of besieged Ghouta – was targeted in a direct strike on March 20.

Som the Telegraph slår fast:

The Syrian government and its Russian backer, which intervened in the war in support of President Bashar al-Assad in 2015, have systematically targeted hospitals and clinics during assaults on opposition strongholds.

In recent weeks, dozens of facilities in Eastern Ghouta have been put out of service, most others have been forced to move underground.

Jan Egeland, som rådgir FN, antyder at hvis sykehusene ble bombet kunne man se hvem de skyldige var. Det har vært ille så lenge at det er vanskelig å se at det kan bli verre, sier Egeland.

The UN had hoped making the locations public would either act as a deterrent or at least better enable them to establish intent should they later be attacked.

Men en talsmann for Doctors under Fire, sier problemet er at russerne og Assad har kunnet bombe sykehus uten at det har fått konsekvenser.

“They have bombed hospitals with little thought, and have always given the excuse that they were harbouring terrorists, which is untrue,” said Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, director of Doctors under Fire and adviser to the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations (UOSSM). “They act with impunity as there has been zero consequence so far.