Misnøyen med euroen og tvangstrøyen den pålegger medlemslandene er så stor i Italia at Femstjernerbevegelsen og høyresiden leker med tanke på å innføre en parallell valuta. Det vil bety dødsstøtet for euroen.

Whoever governs Italy will destroy the euro from within

In the end, Five Star could conceivably forge an unholy alliance with the Lega-led Right, a grand coalition united only by their desire to overthrow the eurozone’s fiscal regime, and to repudiate EU banking and state aid doctrines.

Claudio Borghi (Lega’s economics chief, ) said they might even find common ground on a parallel currency that slowly breaks the lockhold of the European Central Bank, and a constitutional clause establishing the primacy of Italian law to break the lockhold of the European Court. Such a government would be in permanent conflict with Brussels and Berlin.

Det er Liga Nord som leker med tanken på en parallell-valuta, etter mønster av de allierte papir-Lira som de innførte i 1943. Den besto helt til 1951:

The eurosceptic ultras in the Lega already think the next downturn will precipitate a solvency crisis in Italy. They are preparing contingency options to ensure that the country can defend itself and will not fall into the clutches of the eurozone bail-out police.

Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi – the last elected leader of Italy, before four stitch-ups – has long flirted with such an idea to create liquidity and overcome the credit crunch for small Italian companies. It is modelled on the military currency introduced by allied forces after the liberation of Sicily in 1943, and known to Italians as the AM-Lira.

En slik valuta kan innføres hvis det kommer en ny økonomisk nedgang som senker den italienske økonomien og Italia er bundet på hender og føtter av den europeiske sentralbanken.

Claudio Borghi, the Lega’s economics chief and the architect of Italy’s plan, states openly that the scheme will evolve over time into a secondary currency under Italian sovereign control, confident that there is nothing that the EU can do about it. “We are not Greece: we are a much bigger country, and we are net contributors to the EU budget, so how is Brussels going to stop us?” he told me. If it leads to the lira, so be it.

Italia er ikke Hellas og vil ikke finne seg i å bli behandlet på samme måte. Hvis Italia saboterer euroen innenfra, vil den neppe overleve.

Emmanuel Macron har foreslått fordypning av unionen, noe som avvises av de andre.

Europeere ser hvordan Brussel og Berlin behandler britene.

The EU has handled Italy extremely badly – just as it is now handling Britain badly – and it will not like the consequences.