Amerikansk politi etterlyser en 28 år gammel afghaner, Ahmad Khan Rahami, som de tror sto bak både rørbombene i New Jersey og trykkokerbombene i Chelsea lørdag.

Rahami beskrives som farlig.

Politiet har sendt ut etterlysning med bilde.

Guvernør Cuomo måtte mandag morgen endre opfatning. Det kunne likevel være internasjonal terror.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who said on Sunday that the attack did not appear to have a link to international terrorism, said new evidence might change that thinking.

“I would not be surprised if we did have a foreign connection to the act,” he said on CNN on Monday morning.


A law enforcement official, who agreed to speak about the investigation only on the condition of anonymity, said they had evidence that Mr. Rahami was connected not just to the Manhattan explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood, but also to a bombing that took place earlier on Saturday on the Jersey Shore.