En tyrkisk offiser ble drept og to sersjanter såret da IS-krigere åpnet ild inne fra syrisk territorium. Tyrkerne besvarte ilden.

Skytingen kommer etter selvmordsangrepet i Suruc mandag der 32 ble drept og over 100 såret.


Gunfire across the border from Syria killed a Turkish noncommissioned officer and wounded two sergeants in the village of Elbeyli, east of the Turkish border town of Kilis, according to Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency. Five militants «opened fire from a Daesh-controlled Syrian border region,” Anadolu reported, using an Arab acronym for Islamic State.

The shots came from near the Syrian village of Al-Raaee in Aleppo province, reported a pro-opposition watchdog group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Turkish units returned fire, killing one militant and heavily damaging three pickup trucks, Anadolu reported, adding that the army had bolstered its presence on the border with armored units and had scrambled F-16 fighter jets.

Samtidig hevner PKK seg på tyrkisk politi. Onsdag ble to politimenn drept og torsdag ble en drept og en såret i Diyarbakir.

Bakgrunnen er Tyrkias kollaborasjon med IS. Los Angeles Times slår det fast som en selvfølge:

Turkey has long turned a blind eye to movements across the border by Syrian rebels and sympathizers. Towns and cities on the Turkish side of the more-than-500-mile border with Syria have become rear guard supply bases, logistics hubs and medical treatment centers for various Syrian opposition groups, including Islamic State.