Syriske myndigheter innrømmer at de skjøt ned et tyrkisk fly over Middelhavet.

Hendelsen representerer en ny alvorlig utvikling. Tyrkia er NATO-land.

BBCs Jim Muir sier det er ingen tegn til anger fra syrisk side. Han tror det kan stemme at det tyrkiske flyet hadde krenket syrisk luftrom, ellers hadde protesten vært sterkere.

Turkey announced Friday that Syrian forces had shot down a Turkish warplane with two crew members over the Mediterranean, a potentially ominous turn for the worse in relations already frayed because of Turkey’s support for Syrian rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrians later acknowledged their antiaircraft gunners had downed the plane, contending it had violated Syrian airspace.

Turkey’s announcement, from the office of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, came after an emergency security meeting by Turkish officials in Ankara over the fate of the plane, which had been reported missing hours earlier amid conflicting reports over whether it had crashed or had been downed intentionally.

Et syrisk helikopter ble fredag fløyet til Jordan hvor piloten fikk asyl, et prestisjetap for Bashar al-Assad.

The new rupture in Turkish-Syrian relations came as reports of a possible new mass killing emerged Friday in Syria’s northern Aleppo Province.

Opposition activists said those killings, in the village of Daret Azzeh, were the outcome of a military skirmish in which soldiers of the Free Syrian Army, the main armed rebel force, carried out a surprise attack on a group that included suspected members of the shabiha, the feared pro-government militia accused by the opposition of complicity in numerous killings, detentions and torture. At least 25 men were shot to death.

“The armed opposition in the area ambushed a number of cars,” said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an antigovernment group based in Britain with networks of contacts inside Syria.

A video that the Observatory posted online from activists, said to have been recorded in Daret Azzeh, showed carnage, with bloodied corpses piled around a white pickup truck riddled with bullet holes. Many corpses were clothed in military fatigues or black clothes, a trademark of the shabiha.

Syria Shoots Down Turkish Warplane, Fraying Ties Further

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