Jean-Marie Le Pen beklager at datteren har samme etternavn som ham og håper hun snart gjør noe med det, som å gifte seg.

Han støtter ikke hennes kandidatur for å bli president i 2017.

Speaking to France’s Europe 1 radio, Mr Le Pen said: «I was hoping that the president of the National Front would get married as quickly as possible so as to change her name.

«Because I’m ashamed that she has the same surname as me.»

Asked if he would still be supporting his daughter in the presidential elections, Mr Le Pen answered: «Not for the moment.»

Styrende organer suspenderte Jean-Marie Le Pen i helgen, og uttalelsene skal sees som hans svar.

Marine Le Pen viser at hun mener alvor. Noen aviskommentatorer tror faren kan være farlig for henne også utenfor partiet.

Dominique Albertini in Liberation notes that Marine Le Pen «dealt with the paternal problem in the most radical way».

Le Parisien goes further, saying that the move was the «denouement of an unprecedented political and family crisis» and describes her decision as «Oedipal».

But some regional papers say that Mr Le Pen could still be dangerous.

Patrice Chabanet in the Journal de la Haute-Marne warns Marine to guard against her father who «is not a man to be dictated to» and warns of his «capacity to do harm».

Laurent Bodin in L’Alsace agrees, saying that even outside the party, her father is a «thorn» in its side.

Far og datter har utvekslet ganske giftige kommentarer:

«[He] seems to have entered a veritable spiral between a scorched earth strategy and political suicide» – Marine Le Pen, 8 April

«Marine Le Pen may want me dead, that’s possible, but she must not count on my co-operation» – Jean-Marie Le Pen, 9 April