Shaheen Hashmat, a Scottish Pakistani writer and social commentator, argues it’s vital should a religion be ‘hijacked’ in any way, that the majority of its followers at least discuss the problem:

QuoteWe are all too familiar with the narrative that follows atrocities of this nature: anger about the damaging effects of poor immigration policy, calls for ‘moderate’ Muslims to condemn the actions, followed by #NotinMyName social media campaigns (‘Je suis Charlie’ in this case), designed to clarify that the perpetrators were not in fact acting in the name of ‘true’ Islam.

If I sound a little weary, it’s because I am.

Like all of us, I’m heartbroken by yesterday’s events. But it was with an even greater sadness that I realised I wasn’t at all surprised to hear of yet another act of Islamist terrorism. I believe it will be some time yet before we hear of the last.