Britisk etterretning er åpne på at de bare klarer å overvåke 50 jihadister døgnet rundt. Det vil si at det er flere hundre de ikke klarer å følge med på.

MI5 can monitor fewer than 50 terrorist suspects around the clock, it can be disclosed, ahead of a report into the Lee Rigby murder that will highlight the limitations in watching terrorists in Britain.

Restricted resources mean only a fraction of the hundreds of suspected Islamist extremists at large can be subject to intensive 24/7 surveillance at any one time.

It comes as a parliamentary investigation ordered by David Cameron into the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by two Islamist fanatics is expected to conclude there is little MI5 could have done to prevent his death on the day.


Det viser seg at Michael Adebolajo, 29, og Michael Adebowale, 22, kjørte rundt på måfå og lette etter et offer, da de fikk øye på Rigby. Det kunne vært hvem som helst.

Prof Peter Neumann, an expert on terrorism from King’s College, London, told Sky News that the security services had to make a judgment about who to keep under surveillance.

“If you assume that at any given point there are 500 or 600 potentially violent extremists in the country and that it takes 20, 25 people to keep somebody under surveillance 24/7, inevitably given that resources are limited you can only watch maybe 50, 60 people at any given time 24/7.

“All the others, you have to opt for lesser forms of surveillance, so constantly you have to decide who is really dangerous, who is less dangerous and who is perhaps not even dangerous at all. And inevitably mistakes are being made.”

One source said the true number of those being monitored around the clock was lower than Prof Neumann’s estimate.

However, many more are subject to other forms of monitoring. When Abu Qatada was released in February 2012, it emerged that he was watched round the clock by 60 officers from Scotland Yard, MI5 and Serco, a private security company.