Alle har lurt på hva Tyrkia tilbød ISIS for å få tilbake 46 av sine diplomater som ble tatt til fange da ISIS inntok Mosul i juni. Nå har den tyrkiske avisen Taraf et svar: Tyrkia løslot 180 ISIS-soldater som var såret og til behandling på tyrkiske sykehus.

USA hadde bedt om at de ikke ble sluppet fri. Tyrkia byttet dem i stedet mot diplomatene.


Taraf reported that 180 Isis members wounded in US airstrikes in August and being treated in Turkish hospitals under US orders not to release them were swapped for the 49 hostages with local Arab Sunni tribal leaders acting as mediators.

Taraf alleged that 180 Isis militants were rounded up from Turkish hospitals and prisons and taken to a military outpost in Van province.

British counter-terrorism officers are concerned about two Britons reported to have been returned to IS as part of the trade, Shabazz Suleman, aged 18, and Hisham Folkard, 26.

A Foreign Office spokesman, referring to Suleman, a school student from High Wycombe, said: “We are aware that a British national was reported missing in Turkey. We continue to provide consular assistance to the individual’s family. We are in contact with Turkish authorities to clarify the circumstances of this case.” While publicly the British government position is to be critical of other governments for doing deals, a foreign policy analyst suggested that privately the deal this time may be in British and US interests, as the release of its diplomats might free the Turkish government to take a more robust approach to Isis.