Hvis USA skal gjøre alvor av målsetningen om å knuse ISIS kommer man ikke utenom bakkestyrker, og det vil ta årevis, sier David Petraeus, som sto bak the surge i Irak, som snudde krigslykken til USAs fordel.


The U.S.-led fight against Islamic State will take years and will need ground forces to succeed, retired General David Petraeus said.

“We’re talking about years, many years in the case of Syria,” Petraeus said today in a presentation to business executives at a Tokyo hotel. “What we’re doing right now is disrupting. We are gradually chipping away at the strength” of Islamic State, he said, adding that gains could not be sustained without ground forces.

“I do believe the Iraqis can be the ground forces that can deal with this over time, but again it will be months and years, not days or weeks,” he added.

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