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Londons borgermester Boris Johnson vil endre loven for å kunne frata jihadistene det britiske statsborgerskapet. Han vil snu bevisbyrden.

Britons who travel to Syria and Iraq without informing the authorities should be presumed to be potential terrorists until proved innocent, Boris Johnson says.

In an article for The Telegraph (anbefales!), Mr Johnson warns that police are finding it “very difficult” to press charges against suspected jihadists without direct evidence of their “ghastly” activities.

He suggests there should be a “swift and minor change in the law” to introduce a new “rebuttable presumption” that those who travel to war zones without notifying the authorities have done so for “terrorist purposes”.

The Mayor of London also joins calls for jihadists to be stripped of their citizenship, despite opposition from Theresa May, the Home Secretary, who warned at the weekend that such a move would be illegal.



Ikke hva man normalt forbinder med briter på ferie – inndra pass og kast dem ut, sier Boris Johnson 

Senior lawyers said that Mr Johnson’s proposals for “rebuttable presumption” would mark a “profound change” to British law.

Earlier this year, David Cameron announced new laws under which terrorist offences committed in Syria will be prosecuted as if they have taken place on British soil.

The lawyers said Mr Johnson’s plans would go significantly further by shifting the burden of proof from police and prosecutors on to suspected jihadists.

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