Sakset/Fra hofta

Boris Johnson, den konservative London-ordføreren, ber Brussel lytte til lyden av «bønder» på marsj. Det er ikke første gang i Europas historie at «bøndene», stikkord for vanlige folk, setter seg i bevegelse. Hvem trodde dette var et tilbakelagt stadium?

Johnsen tar folks motvilje på kornet:

To a greater or lesser extent, the story of this Euro-election has been the rise of the minor parties – some of them bizarre, some of them downright potty, but all of them united by a visceral dislike of the EU bureaucracy: its arrogance, its remoteness, its expense, its endless condescension and its manic and messianic belief in its right to legislate for all 500 million people in the EU.

EU-svadaen er noe man tidligere lot passere. Nå krever velgerne noe annet.

There is a kind of peasants’ revolt going on, a jacquerie. From Dublin to Lublin, from Portugal to Pomerania, the pitchfork-wielding populists are converging on the Breydel building in Brussels – drunk on local hooch and chanting nationalist slogans and preparing to give the federalist machinery a good old kicking with their authentically folkloric clogs. There are Greek anti-capitalists and Hungarian neo-fascists and polite German professors who want to bring back the Deutschemark. They are making common cause with Left-wing Italian comedians and Right-wing Dutch firebrands and the general slogan is simple: down with technocracy, down with bureaucracy, and give power back to the people!

Referenget i Brussel har hele tiden vært: dypere integrasjon. Mer Europa! Det har vært fremfor alt Frankrikes mantra. Nå er sentrum i Frankrike sterkt svekket. Det betyr en annen dynamikk. Tyskland er alene i front. Hvordan vil det påvirke EU?

Cameron har forsøkt å ta opp at den enveiskjørte avståelse av suvernitet til Brussel må reverseres. Han har fått til svar at det ikke er mulig. EU er ikke a la carte. Hvis resultater i valg har gått mot Brussel, har Brussel bedt om et nytt valg. Luxembourgs Jean-Claude Juncker vil gjerne avløse Barroso som leder av kommisjonen. Luxembourg har like mange innbyggere som Wolverhampton, skriver Johnson. Folk som Juncker snøfter av proteststemmene.

They are wrong, wrong, wrong. This European election is an expression of revulsion and discontent and it is a mandate for reform. Across the EU, mainstream politicians like Nicolas Sarkozy are now saying what we Conservatives have been saying for years: that the EU needs to do less, to cost less, and to be less intrusive in the way it does it. There is only one government in Europe that has been campaigning solidly for the renegotiation that is needed, and that is David Cameron and the Conservative-led Coalition.

Now is the time for France, Germany and others to listen to Mr Sarkozy, and recognise that he is right. It isn’t good enough just to circle the wagons and tell the people of Europe to get stuffed, because next time the frustration of the electorate may be uncontainable. The message of the people to the Euro-nomenklatura is simple: changer ou mourir!