En rapport (264 sider) fra den uavhengige og partinøytrale britiske tenketanken Demos kalt «Democracy in Europe can no longer be taken for granted»  beskriver hvordan demokratiet er i ferd med å rakne i de forskjellige europeiske land.

Across the EU, citizens are angry and frustrated at the grim economic situation – including very high levels of youth unemployment – as well as a political class that is out of touch, self-interested and sometimes corrupt. Many Europeans appear to be losing faith in the political system as a whole to respond to the current crisis. 

Demos beskriver fem kritiske hovedområder for demokratiet: 

· democratic malaise and public distrust
· corruption and organised crime
· the justice system
· media freedom
· human rights and the treatment of minorities

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Democracy Index måler 60 ulike kriteria hver med en potensiell score på 10 hvorav 8-10 poeng regnes som fullt demokrati. I 2008 ble Italia, Frankrike og Hellas poengberegnet til å droppet ut av listen over fullt demokrati og i 2011 fulgte Portugal etter.   

Men selv de mest demokratiske landene har problemer ifølge Demos:

Voters are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with parties that have dominated the political landscape for decades. Parties of protest, often newly formed and specifically opposed to an established mainstream, have been gaining ground with startling success. The rise of the Pirate party in Germany and Ukip in the UK show that even the largest and most stable states in the EU are not immune to the phenomenon.

In some cases, long-established right-wing parties such as France’s Front National have taken their support to new levels. Elsewhere, entirely new parties have forged new critiques of contemporary problems. The Italian neo-fascist movement CasaPound, Hungary’s Jobbik party and Bulgaria’s Ataka fall into this latter category. In Greece, the far right party Golden Dawn made a major breakthrough at the 2012 general elections.

Hellas og Ungarn pekes ut som de to landene hvor demokratiet er i fare. Rapporten ble skrevet på oppdrag av det Europeiske Parlamentet og ble lansert samtidig med at den greske statsministeren Antonis Samara uttrykte koalisjonsregjeringens bekymring etter at en oppfordring til militærkupp ble postet natt til torsdag på et nettsted for Special Forces Reserve Union. 

«It must worry us,» said a government spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou. «The overwhelming majority in the armed forces are devoted to our democracy,» he said. «The few who are not will face the consequences.»

  A protestor gestures to police near the

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