Det muslimske brorskapet varsler at det ønsker å danne et parti så fort det er juridisk mulig. Etter dagens regler er det ulovlig å danne et parti på religiøst grunnlag.

Nå inngår Brorskapet i komiteen som skal revidere grunnloven på ti dager. Begrensninger på det politiske liv skal fjernes.

Egypt’s long banned Muslim Brotherhood said yesterday it intends to form a political party once democracy is established, as the country’s new military rulers launched a panel of experts to amend the country’s constitution enough to allow democratic elections later this year. The panel is to draw up changes at a breakneck pace – within 10 days – to end the monopoly that ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling party once held, which it ensured through widespread election rigging.

The Brotherhood announced yesterday that it would form a party once promised freer laws are in place. «The Muslim Brotherhood group believes in the freedom of the formation of political parties. They are eager to have a political party,» spokesman Mohammed Mursi said in a statement on the Brotherhood website. Essam el-Arian, a senior leader in the Brotherhood, said the movement would not run any candidate for upcoming presidential elections, acknowledging that such a move would be too controversial.

We are not going to have a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. It’s time for solidarity, its time for unity, in my opinion we need a national consensus,» he said. But he said the Brotherhood’s top leadership had decided on the creation of a party. The Brotherhood seeks an Islamic state in Egypt, and Mubarak’s regime depicted it as aiming to take over the country, launching fierce crackdowns on the group. Some Egyptians remain deeply suspicious of the secretive organization, fearing it will
exploit the current turmoil to vault to power.

But others – including the secular, liberal youth activists who launched the anti-Mubarak uprising – say the Brotherhood has to be allowed freedom to compete in a democracy alongside everyone else. Support by young cadres in the Brotherhood was key to the protests’ success, providing manpower and organization, though they never came to form a majority in the wave of demonstrations. The new constitutional panel is mandated to draw up amendments within 10 days to be put to a referendum, paving the way for e
lections. The military specified six articles to be amended or thrown out «along with changes to any connected articles that the committee deems necessary,» according to the military’s statement to the panel, read to The Associated Press by Abdel-Al.


Brotherhood seeks Islamic state in Egypt