Antall drap i New York City er det laveste på 50 år, faktisk fra man begynte å føre detaljert statistikk i 1963.

Det opplyste ordfører Michael Bloomberg under en seremoni for avgangselever ved politiakademiet.

Det ble begått 414 drap i 2012, mot 2.245 i 1990.

A total of 414 homicides occurred in 2012, down from 515 last year, or about a 19 per cent decrease, the mayor said at a graduation ceremony for new police recruits. That was the lowest figure since data collection began in 1963.

«The previous low in modern times was 471 murders back in 2009. So it’s pretty clear we are going to shatter this record and shatter it by a lot,» Mr Bloomberg said.
«Murders are down almost 19 per cent this year compared with last year. They are down 35 per cent from where they were 11 years ago when our administration began.»
The number of shootings in the city also fell to a record low 1,353 this year, down 8.5 per cent from last year, said Bloomberg. The previous low was 1,420 in 2009.
«We’re taking 8,000 weapons annually out of the hands of people we stop, 800 of them illegal handguns,» police commissioner Ray Kelly said in a statement.
Mr Bloomberg, who took office in 2002, has followed the «zero tolerance» crime-fighting policies of his predecessor Rudy Giuliani, a no-nonsense former federal prosecutor under whom the city’s murder rate fell significantly.
In 1990, four years before Mr Giuliani took office, the city saw more than 2,245 murders – meaning the number is now five times lower, according to police statistics.