Samtidig som Pakistan fordømmer Talibans angrep på 14 år gamle Malala, går den tidligere cricket-stjernen Imran Khan ut og sier at Taliban fører hellig krig i Afghanistan.

I Afghanistan tror man ikke sine egne ører. I Pakistan er det greit å fordømme barnemordere, men i nabolandet får de betegnelsen frihetshelter! Hvordan skal man bekjempe ekstremisme med slik dobbeltmoral, og det fra en av landets fremste politikere!


Afghanistan‘s government has lashed out at Imran Khan after the former Pakistan cricket star, now a politician, said the Taliban were fighting a «holy war» in the country that was justified by Islamic law.

Speaking after visiting a hospital in Peshawar where Malala Yousafzai – the 14-year-old activist shot in the head by the Taliban for supporting girls’ education – was treated last week, Khan told reporters that insurgents in Afghanistan were fighting a «jihad». Citing a verse from the Qur’an, he said: «It is very clear that whoever is fighting for their freedom is fighting a jihad …

«The people who are fighting in Afghanistan against the foreign occupation are fighting a jihad,» he added, according to a video of remarks to journalists.

Afghan politicians have reacted with disbelief, with one parliamentarian suggesting Khan should be arrested. The Ulema Council, a grouping of senior clerics, declared his comments «unislamic».

A Kabul foreign ministry spokesman said Khan was «either profoundly and dangerously ignorant about the reality in Afghanistan, or he has ill will against the Afghan people.

«Our children are killed on daily basis, civilians killed and our schools, hospitals and infrastructure attacked on a daily basis. To call any of that jihad is profoundly wrong and misguided.»