Antall sivile drepte i Afghanistan steg med 14 % i fjor, og det var Taliban som sto for 70 % av drepingen.

Antall drepte som skyldtes den afghanske hæren og ISAF sank med 30 %, viser tall fra FN-kontoret, UNAMA.

Det er altså feil det som hevdes at det er ISAFs økte nærvær som bidrar til økte sivile tap. Det er ikke ISAF som dreper, men Taliban. Men det kan virke som om noen mener at ISAF også må ta på seg skylda for disse tapene.

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan rose by 14% in 2009 compared with 2008, the UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has reported.
It said that the «vast majority» of the deaths were caused by Taliban attacks.

The rise makes 2009 the worst year for Afghan civilians since the war began when the Taliban were overthrown in a US-led invasion in late 2001.

The UNAMA says that there were 2,412 civilians killed in 2009 compared with 2,118 killed in 2008.

«The intensification and spread of the armed conflict in Afghanistan continued to take a heavy toll on civilians throughout 2009,» the report said.

Civilian casualties are a sensitive subject in Afghanistan, with US forces frequently accused of killing non-combatants in airstrikes.

The UN report said that deaths attributed to allied forces dropped by nearly 30% in 2009 – a statistic which correspondents say will be welcomed by the US militar

The UN report says that because the Taliban insurgency escalated and spread from southern provinces where it began, the year 2009 was also the deadliest for foreign forces fighting the Taliban.

It said that previously stable areas, such as Kunduz province and elsewhere in the north-east, have witnessed increasing insecurity.

UNAMA figures show that there were 520 troop deaths throughout the year, up from 295 for the year before.

It said that 70% of last year’s civilian deaths – representing about 1,681 people – were killed in insurgent attacks, while pro-government forces including Nato and US troops were responsible for 25%, or 596 civilian deaths.

UN says Afghan civilian deaths rose in 2009

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