Al Jazeeras kontor i Paris har mottatt opptak som Mohamed Merah gjorde av alle drapene han begikk. Al Jazeera har overlevert filmene til politiet. De ble sendt fra Toulouse onsdag, om det var av Merah selv eller en annen, er ukjent.

Mellom drapene er det lagt inn Koran-vers og religiøse sanger.

Films taken by Mohamed Merah, the Toulouse assassin, of his murders were received by the French offices of the al-Jazeera TV station yesterday and handed to the police, the newspaper Le Parisien reported last night.

The footage showing the seven killings, presumed to have been taken by a camera known to have been slung around the murderer’s neck, has been authenticated by investigators, the newspaper said. The films arrived in a package which also included a letter purporting to come from al-Qa’ida. It carried a Wednesday postmark from Toulouse. Police were said to be unsure whether it was posted by Merah on Tuesday evening before the 32-hour siege which ended in his death or by an unknown accomplice afterwards.

It is understood that the TV station had no plans to show the films, which, according to police sources, contained jumbled footage from all the attacks, intercut with verses from the Koran and religious songs.

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