When the Tou­louse school mas­sacre hap­pe­ned, the media rushed to say that the per­pe­tra­tor was a white far-right racist. The lone gun­man had mown down at close range a rabbi and three child­ren at a Jewish school, woun­ding seve­ral others. He was thought to be the same kil­ler who a few days ear­lier had mur­de­red three black French parat­ro­opers in two sepa­rate attacks. A kil­ler who targe­ted Jews and blacks – must be a far-right white racist, right?

Wrong. The sus­pect who the French police have now corne­red turns out to be a jihadi Isla­mic ter­ro­rist with self-decla­red links to al Qaeda, who has made trips to Afgha­ni­stan and Pakis­tan in the past. Well, there’s a sur­prise.

Jews throug­hout the world are all poten­tial tar­gets for attack in a ter­ri­fy­ing mani­fes­ta­tion of glo­bal incite­ment to mur­der. Isla­mists regu­larly declare their inten­tion to kill Jews wher­e­ver they can find them. Hund­reds of rock­ets fired from Gaza at southern Israel over the past couple of weeks bear out daily the fren­zied attempt to mur­der as many Jews as pos­sible. In the Mum­bai mas­sacre in 2008, it tur­ned out that the attack on the tiny ultra-ortho­dox Luba­vitch centre was for the Isla­mic per­pe­tra­tors of that atrocity the most impor­tant tar­get. There have been repeated Isla­mic ter­ro­rist attempts on Jewish tar­gets around the world. Oh — and Isla­mists have been mur­de­ring black people in Libya because they are black.


Yet all this is ignored by the main­stream media. Despe­rate to sani­tise Mus­lim geno­ci­dal ter­ro­rism and prove that racism and Jew-hatred is con­fined to white people and the ‘far right’, the media sim­ply did not enter­tain the pos­si­bi­lity that the per­pe­tra­tor of the French kil­lings might have been a Mus­lim. So a range of likely per­pe­tra­tors was can­vassed – but they were all varia­tions on white racists.

And even when the per­pe­tra­tor tur­ned out to be an Isla­mic ter­ro­rist the media were still try­ing to spin it away, with Sky News stres­sing the depri­va­tion of the kil­ler and his family and inter­viewing a French female jour­na­list living in Lon­don who clai­med that this was ‘an attack against diver­sity’.  As blog­ger Edgar David­son observed here:

She said that it was all down to the racist climate in France which had been made worse by Niko­las Sar­kozy in the last five years and she picked out, as an example of racist lack of tole­rance, the burka ban he had intro­du­ced.’

Not only are the media and ‘pro­gres­sive’ com­men­ta­tors in the west despe­rate to sani­tise Isla­mic ter­ro­rism and geno­ci­dal incite­ment; they also join in. The Tou­louse jiha­dist said he was

seeking revenge for Pale­sti­nian child­ren and French mili­tary pos­tings over­seas.’

But no Pale­sti­nian child­ren have ever been targe­ted by Israel for mur­der. Quite the reverse: Israel regu­larly puts its own sol­di­ers in harm’s way in order to any mini­mise civi­lian casu­al­ties in mili­tary ope­ra­tions against Pale­sti­nian ter­ro­rists and their infra­struc­ture which  it under­ta­kes solely to pro­tect its own people from furt­her mur­derous Pale­sti­nian attacks. Any Pale­sti­nian child casu­al­ties in such ope­ra­tions occur solely as a tra­gic and inad­ver­tent by-pro­duct of war – and as often as not because the Pale­sti­ni­ans have put their own child­ren in harm’s way.

Yet this deran­ged belief that the Israe­lis deli­be­rately kill Pale­sti­nian child­ren is not only pum­ped out daily by the Arab and Mus­lim world inci­ting their people to hate Jews and to mur­der them as a holy act; not only do western pro­gres­si­ves ignore this incite­ment and pre­tend instead that Isla­mic ter­ro­rism ari­ses from legi­ti­mate ‘grie­van­ces’; these same western pro­gres­si­ves them­selves pump out precisely the same lies and incite­ment — and then sug­gest that the deli­be­rate mur­der of Jewish innocents is the moral equi­va­lent of attempts by Israel to pre­vent the slaugh­ter of yet more innocents.

Thus the EU for­eign affairs chief, the Bri­tish Baro­ness Ash­ton, seemed to equate the mur­der of the French Jews in Tou­louse with the deaths of Pale­sti­nian child­ren in Gaza in Israeli mili­tary ope­ra­tions there. Alt­hough the EU now claims she was mis­un­der­stood and that she was merely refer­ring to all vio­lence against child­ren, that does not let her off the hook – indeed, by under­sco­ring the fun­da­men­tal amo­ra­lity of the remark, it not only atta­ches Lady Ash­ton to that hook yet more firmly but also now atta­ches the EU itself. And now Hamas itself, no less, has sprung to her defence:

“Ashton’s decla­ra­tions are worthy of apprecia­tion and sup­port due to Israel’s attempts to pres­sure her,” said a senior Hamas offi­cial, Izzat al-Rishq, on his Face­book page.’

As a fine article in The Com­men­ta­tor points out:

No-one will ever know whether the tragedy in Tou­louse would not have taken place if the atmos­phere were dif­fe­rent. But we can say that his­tory teaches that mass demoni­sa­tion can all too easily lead to the dehu­ma­ni­sa­tion of the group or people or nation that is being demo­nised. From there it is only one single step to the belief that mur­der itself can be jus­ti­fied.’

The ter­ro­rist who car­ried out the French kil­lings may now have been caught. But those in the west who pro­vide an echo cham­ber for the dia­bo­li­cal dis­course that incu­bates geno­cide have yet to be brought to account.


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Lay­ing the ground­work for the Tou­louse mas­sacre

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  • Tor­den1

    Hver gang en eller flere mus­li­mer begår ter­ro­risme og dre­per uskyl­dige men­nesker, iler poli­ti­kere, medier og folk i kris­te­lige ekko­kamre til med å hamre inn bud­ska­pet om at man må ikke gene­ra­li­sere ut i fra enkelt­per­soners mis­gjer­nin­ger. Dette selv om ugjer­nings­men­nene insis­te­rer på at de hand­ler i islams og Allahs navn. Og ingen har grunn til å være redde. Islamsk ter­ror er et VELDIG lite pro­blem, får vi oss for­talt.

    Men – når Israel der­imot kom­mer i skade for å drepe sivile når de angri­per Hamas-ter­ro­ris­ter som sen­der hundre­vis av raket­ter for å drepe sivile israe­lere,  se DA adva­rer de samme eli­ter, redak­tø­rer og kirke­le­dere ikke mot gene­ra­li­se­ring. Da er alle jøder ansvar­lige, og drap på jøder, enten de bor i Tou­louse eller andre ste­der, for­kla­res og for­stås som en bort­imot legi­tim hand­ling.

    Og denne gan­gen har mange grunn til å være redde. Men ikke jødene,  ikke de som angripes, som en skulle tro, men der­imot masse­mor­de­rens tros­fel­ler,  mus­li­mene. Det er de som har grunn til å være redde …

    Kan hyk­le­riet bli mer grelt og ille­luk­tende?