Den kjente økonomen Joseph Stiglitz sier innstrammingspolitikken EU-landene følger minner om en selvmordspakt.

US economist Joseph Stiglitz has compared EU austerity with medieval bloodletting – the patient almost certainly dies. He also warned that European governments have signed a «mutual suicide pact» by imposing the austerity plans.

Austerity as the solution is just wrong. There won’t be a return to confidence – quite the contrary. So the direction Europe is going is unfortunately, I think, the wrong direction.

Gideon Rachman i Finanical Times skriver at USA håpet Tyskland ville ordne opp, men det skjer ikke.

America’s dearest hope is that the management of the euro crisis can be subcontracted to Germany. Then, if Europe gets on top of its debt crisis, the EU can also do more to manage global problems. The trouble is that the Europeans – and the Germans in particular – keep disappointing. For its own domestic reasons, the German govenment has been unwilling and unable to provide the overwhelming financial resources that Washington keeps urging Berlin to deploy. The Germans have also proved to be disappointing partners in other global crises.
One frustrated Pentagon official exclaimed recently: ‘I told a German Colleague: «The world is on fire, where are you going to help?» And he just shrugged.’
In 1947, when a conflagration in Greece was threatening the world, the fire trucks set off from Washington. In 2012 they are being sent from Berlin and Brussels – late and under-equipped. As a result, the fire rages on.

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