Hizbollah har foretatt en massiv opprustning siden krigen i 2006, og hovedstyrken er lagt til grensen mot Israel. Der er det gravd bunkere med tanke på langvarig bombardement.

Israel mener Hizbollah har 40.000 raketter klar. Det er et faktum at FN-styrken ikke har kunnet eller villet hindre våpensmugling fra Syria, heller ikke den libanesiske hæren har forsøkt å blande seg inn. Hizbollah er i dag en stat i staten, og med vetorett i regjeringen.

Guds parti har 20.000 mann under våpen i sør og rundt en tredel har gjennomgått trening i Iran.

En ny krig vil bli på en helt annen skala enn den forrige.

Military intelligence estimates that since the war «Hezbollah has built as many as 550 bunkers in the southern Lebanon region, holding various weapons. In addition, the organisation has built 300 underground facilities and 100 storage units for munitions including rockets, missiles and other weapons,» said the memo seen by AFP.
«Many of these terror centres are located near hospitals, private homes and schools, Hezbollah’s way of taking advantage of the civilian population of Lebanon,» it said.
A military spokesman also confirmed that a map published by the Washington Post detailing the exact sites of these facilities was supplied by the army.
During the 34-day war in 2006, much of the fighting took place on open scrubland, but since then the militia has gravitated towards built-up areas out of the reach of UN peacekeepers — and into heavily populated civilian areas, Israel says.
Israel had already claimed at the time that Hezbollah was using human shields, but Human Rights Watch charged that most of the Lebanese civilian casualties resulted from «indiscriminate Israeli air-strikes.»
Israel estimates that Hezbollah has an arsenal of 40,000 short- and medium-range rockets, which are being held in towns and villages across the south — a significant rise from the 14,000 rockets held by the group in 2006.
It says the stockpile includes hundreds of longer-range rockets, some with a range of more than 300 kilometres (116 miles), capable of reaching major Israeli population centres.
The military believes Hezbollah forces in south Lebanon number 20,000, more than a third of whom have undergone combat training in Iran.
The war between Israel and Hezbollah destroyed much of Lebanon’s major infrastructure and killed more than 1,200 people in Lebanon, mainly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

Israel says Hezbollah has 1,000 bunkers in Lebanon