Israel avslørte en ny avansert drone kalt Panther torsdag, som kan stå stille i luften og land og ta av som et helikopter, dvs. uten behov for rullebane. Dermed kan dronen benyttes til å lande på fiendtlig territorium og scanne terrenget fra bakken,

Droner ser mer og mer ut til å bli fremtidens krigføring.

Israel Aerospace Industries debuted its Panther unmanned aerial vehicle in Israel, touting its ability to take off without a runway and then fly for up to six hours. «An intriguing option is the Panther’s ability to hover or land quietly in enemy territory, conduct surveillance like a ground sensor and then take off again,» industry magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology reported.

Like the American V-22 Osprey, the Panther is a tilt-rotor, meaning it has rotors mounted on the end of its wings that can rotate and allow the aircraft to transition between hovering and fixed-wing flight. This gives the aircraft the ability to take off like a helicopter without the need for a runway, but then fly like fixed-wing aircraft.

Osprey er et troppetransportfly, mens Panther er en lett drone, kun ment for spionasje.

Israeli Company Debuts Tilt-Rotor Drone