To netter på rad har det blitt observert fem droner sirklende over kjente turiststeder som Eiffeltårnet i Paris. Også den amerikanske ambassaden skal ha hatt besøk av en ukjent drone.

The first drone was sighted by police guarding the US embassy near the Champs-Elysées around 1.00am. Others were sighted during the night over the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides military museum and the Place de la Concorde, a police source said.  

Dronene er små og har fløyet i en høyde av 100-300 meter. Det er strengt forbudt å fly droner over Paris, straffen er opptil ett års fengsel og en bot på en halv million kroner. Politiet har ikke greid å finne pilotene. 


Dronene skaper engstelse. De kan bli bærere av både eksplosiver og giftige kjemikalier.

All the drones spotted were described as standard, small models of pilotless aircraft available commercially, which police say are too light to cause significant damage if crashed into a building, even a nuclear power plant.

But the sightings have raised public fears that terrorists could find a way to attach explosives or toxic chemicals to the drones.

I oktober ifjor ble flere droner observert samtidig over flere kjernekraftverk i Frankrike.


In one case, on October 19, drones were flown at the same time over several sites hundreds of miles apart. At least one of the unmanned aircraft was big enough to carry a bomb, experts said.

“We’re not talking about just one type of drone identified, but several,” a nuclear expert told Le Parisien.

“Some were only a few dozen centimetres long with a very short range of several hundred metres at most. So you’d need to be very close to the reactor. But others, and this is much more worryingly, were far bigger – perhaps two metres long so sufficiently big to carry an explosive charge,” the expert said.

The flights took place at night or early morning. Another source told the paper that other sites, including a military nuclear location and one operated by Areva – the state-run nuclear company – were also targeted.

Myndighetene forsøkte å bagatellisere hendelsene for å unngå å skape unødig frykt.

Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister, also played down the risks, saying: “a system to neutralise drones is in place”, without explaining how it worked or why it wasn’t used.

The French airforce is tasked with protecting nuclear power plants, which are designed to withstand a direct hit by an airliner.


Frankrike utvikler egne dronefangere

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