Israel fremstilles som en boer-stat. Hvordan stemmer dette med at myndighetene vil bruke 88 millioner dollar for å reklamere for Tel Aviv som gay city, med håp om å arrangere International Gay Pride Parade i 2012.

Tel Aviv and the Ministry of Tourism have also embarked an a very different campaign: attracting the openly gay community.

According to Ynet, the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism have invested a combined $88 million in a massive advertising campaign in England and Germany aimed at branding Tel Aviv as an international gay vacation destination.

England and Germany have Europe’s largest homosexual communities. Israeli tourism officials hope to reach them via television and magazine ads, billboards and active efforts on Internet social networks like Facebook. They also launched a new website, Gay Tel Aviv, to boost awareness of the city as the gay capital of the Mediterranean.

Tourism officials noted that a previous decision to brand Berlin as the gay capital of Europe had significantly boosted tourism to the city, and hoped the Tel Aviv campaign would do the same for Israel.

Tel Aviv has also submitted an official application to host the 2012 International Gay Pride Parade.