Det var søndag demonstrasjoner mot Israel blant palestinere i Jordan, på Vestbredden og i Libanon. Hvis Hizbollah og Hamas benytter provokasjoner kan uventede ting skje. Feks kan pro-Hamas demonstrasjoner på Vestbredden rettes mot president Mahmoud Abbas’ regjering.

Later in Hebron, about 2,000 angry Hamas supporters marched through the city streets, waving copies of the Quran and green Hamas flags. «Revenge. Revenge. Retaliate in Tel Aviv,» the crowd chanted.

The protest was uninterrupted by Palestinian security forces, who have previously violently broke up Hamas rallies in Hebron.

Some accused Abbas of being an Israeli agent, and protesters threw stones and cars, burned tires and forced shopkeepers to close their stores.

In Ramallah, home to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ government, thousands of schoolchildren demonstrated against Israel.

Pro-Hamas demonstrasjoner er også potensielt farlige for styret i Jordan.

rying for revenge with suicide attacks, thousands of Jordanians marched in the capital of the pro-U.S. kingdom on Sunday to protest against the

About 10,000 protesters, mainly from Jordan’s mainstream Muslim Brotherhood and smaller opposition groups, took to the streets in one of the country’s most vocal and largest anti-Israeli demonstrations in recent years.

«O Hamas, O Hamas, bring the suicide bombers … Victory to Hamas and defeat to the Jews and Americans,» chanted the crowds, who called on the Islamist militant group to resume suicide attacks and intensify rocket strikes against Israel.

Det var også spede demonstrasjoner blant israelske arabere. To demonstranter ble arrestert nær Tel Aviv. En innmarsj i Gaza, slik forsvarsminsiter Ehud Barak antyder, vil også ha sin pris i forhold til israelske arabere.

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