Jerusalem: A Jerusalem court on Sunday ordered the municipality to allow a gay pride parade through the city streets next week, overriding a ban by city hall and the holy city’s ultra-Orthodox mayor.
The Jerusalem Open House Group, which is organising the march, hailed the court decision as «not only a victory for the gay and lesbian community but also a victory for freedom of expression».
It said in a statement that the Jerusalem District court judge also ordered the municipality to hang rainbow flags along the streets of Jerusalem for the parade and to pay the group $13,245 for their legal costs.
«The city is not permitted to discriminate against any sector of the public due to the disagreement of any of its officials with the views or sexual orientation of any particular sector,» the group quoted the court ruling as saying.
The ‘4th Annual Jerusalem Pride: Love Without Borders’ march will go ahead as planned on June 30, the group said, crossing neighbourhoods many of whose residents are Orthodox Jews who view homosexuality as an abomination.(reuters