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«The Volunteers» demonstration group spokesman and Sharia student Mohyeldeen Mohammad supports death threats against two Norwegian Kurds, who burned pages of the Koran. The threats originally come from Mullah Krekar, an Iraqi living in Norway, who is sometimes called «uncle» by Mohammad.

The two Norwegian Kurds burned pages of Koran, protesting thus against Saddam Hussein’s al-Anfal campaign, during which Hussein used these pages to justify the regime’s 1986-1989 attacks on the Kurds in Northern Iraq. As a result of this campaign, there was a gas attack on the village of Halabja in March 1988. The independent sources estimate that during the campaign about 100,000 – 150,000 Kurds have lost their lives. Hussein’s campaign got the name from the Koran verses of al-Anfal, which tell about the battle of Badr, where in 624 there have been 319 Muslim fighters that triumphed over 900 infidel enemys.

The two men, 34 and 36, claimed for the newspapers that it was Mullah Krekar, who is the author of the recorded threats.
The recorded sound was to encourage all Muslims to kill the two Kurds because of the Koran-burning – the voice is asking whether there is someone, who dares to kill them. The call to kill them has resulted into threats and hateful messages. Meanwhile, more videos with photos of the burnings are spread throughout the internet.

Mohammad, otherwise known as a terrorist security threat in Norway, who supported killing of gays, reacted so strongly to his holy book burning, that he also supports the death threats against the Norwegian-Kurdish men:

On Facebook, he has put Afran Bhatti in charge of spreading further death threats, claiming that the two Kurdish actions were worse than Muhammad cartoons presented by Dagbladet.

«Brother, I ask you, for Allah’s sake, to spread this fatwa of our uncle throughout the Ummah, because it is worse than the February caricatures», writes Mohyeldeen Mohammad in the message that was posted on Arfan Bhatti’s Facebook page on Sunday.

Afran Bhatti told the that he has sent a message to one of the Kurds behind the Koran burning; however he didn’t reveal its content.

Afran Bhatti writes in an e-mail: «I have sent a private message to one of the two, and its contents are still valid. Apart of that, I support, if it comes as a warning, everyone’s call to boycott them, as well as making other Muslims vigilant against them, or keeping distance from them»

The threats were reported to the police and the Grønland police prosecutor Margaret Velund confirmed that this case is being investigated.